Webinar – Building Management Committees

In the second of Strata Sense’s Webinar series, Daniel Holt and Rachel Nguyen will be talking about Building Management Committees commencing live at 6.30pm on 8 May 2018. Daniel is a strata managers who has a portfolio with many complex BMC’s and is experienced in understanding the complexities of managing the multiple stakeholders involved. Rachael, as a senior trust accountant will provide insight into the intricacies of financial management of the Building Management Committee.

What is a BMC? Why does it exist? How does it operate? Who pays for what? How is that worked out?

All these questions and more will be addressed on the evening. This will be a great Webinar for you if you live in a mixed use building, or are just curious about how strata operates in the context of buildings that have both a residential and retail element. As with our by-laws webinar you will be able to watch live and ask questions of our experts on the night, or rewatch in your own time.

The format is casual and conversational and we invite you to get involved and ask questions along the way.

If you are interested in joining this seminar, simply email info@stratasense.com.au and a link with all the details you need with be issued to you. It’s very user friendly and the feedback from our webinar on by-laws was positive.

We look forward to seeing you online shortly.

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