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Strata Sense

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Strata Sense brings over a decade of strata management experience servicing strata committees and communities, buildings medium and large, to new and mixed-use developments.

Our approach to strata management aligns with owners seeking a well-run building or community. When goals and priorities are united, and in sync, it leads to a well-managed building or community, increases the value of your property, and cultivates great working relationships while delivering you with an enjoyable strata ownership experience.

You can expect your strata committee to be meticulously guided by our diverse team of highly qualified strata managers. Each one holds a long-standing reputation for award-winning service in the strata management industry – so you can rely on us to do what’s best while maximising your return on investment. Moreover, you’ll be supported by a team with combined qualifications and experience from legal and finance backgrounds, bringing you a collective expertise that offers exceptional value unique to Strata Sense.

Strata Sense - Award Winning Team - A more inclusive fee

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The Strata Sense difference

As Sydney’s premier strata management provider, we’re dedicated to delivering services that exceed expectations. That’s why our simple, transparent and predictable more inclusive fee structure means we can customise for everything you need and nothing you don’t, so you get more out of your resources while making the most of our services.

We make life easier

Prompt strata service

Our strata managers manage fewer buildings each than the industry average, so they can spend quality time responding directly to you on the same business day.

Experts in strata legislation and compliance

Reliable, practical advice on staying legislatively compliant.

Financial acumen

Have confidence knowing that your funds are well looked after and put to good use so it stretches further.

Resolution management

To help resolve conflict and facilitate mediation, our working methodology ensures we approach disputes by recommending practical options that keep you informed through a commercial lens. We aim to help you make good decisions and get the best outcome at minimum cost to your scheme.

Services that maximises asset value

Strata Management - Contact Strata Sense

Independent onsite management

  • Support to help enhance the lifecycle of assets
  • To improve the appearance, amenities and functionality of buildings.
Strata Sense - Strata Managers - Strata Management

Administrative and compliance specialists

  • Management of day-to-day maintenance matters
  • To improve service contractor productivity engagement
Strata Management - Strata Management Portfolio

Less buildings.
More attention.

  • Each one of our strata managers maintains fewer properties than the industry average
  • Every building we manage gains more personalised attention.
  • Expect your dedicated strata managers to respond directly within one business day

Tech-led solutions at your fingertips

Strata Management - Strata Sense Client Portal

Access our intuitive cloud platform

With Strata Connect, enjoy ease, efficiency and secure financial transactions for your scheme, owner levy account, and strata records, 24/7.

Automate accounts payable

Use the multi-tiered approval process to make approving your supplier invoices simple and seamless.

Easy-to-use collaboration tool

Enhance your committee’s online communication experience and facilitate quick decisions.

Protect your building's funds

Gain access to our term deposit interface to make securing funds as simple as possible. 

Hear from our happy clients

Strata management that ticks all your boxes. All for a more inclusive fee.

We deliver everything you need and tailor it to your building and strata requirements.

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