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We are Strata Sense. Specialised.

We combine the highest level of support and advice with a flexible approach, personalised to your needs. Backed by our same business day service.

Strata Sense - Award Winning Team - A more inclusive fee

Hear from our Team

At Strata Sense, we’re passionate about our purpose, mission and values. Sharing them makes working with us more meaningful and builds successful work relationships.


The values we share at Strata Sense empower us to deliver better results in the long run. They’re also why we’re committed to bringing a passion for what we do best and believe matters most.

Clients first

We go above and beyond for our clients and communities, putting best interests at heart to create positive experiences every day


We are motivated to be fluid, adventurous and transformative in our delivery of strata management services. We do not follow industry trends. We create them


Honesty, openness, respect and kindness. We protect and care for each other and our clients. We are passionate about our work and our Strata Sense family and know how to have fun together

Teach and be taught

We actively seek self-improvement and growth through continuous learning. We share our knowledge with each other, our clients and the industry with enthusiasm and grace


We lead by example, consistently demonstrating maturity and responsibility to help elevate our industry’s reputation and gain the respect of our clients and other professionals

Operational excellence

The delivery of service excellence cannot be compromised – all advice, products and services are of the highest calibre and provided with the utmost professionalism. We never settle for ‘good enough’ as ‘good’ is the enemy of ‘great’


Our way of working defines how we do business to ensure every strata scheme we manage stays aesthetically beautiful, consistently well-maintained, and financially sound. Moreover, each strata manager maintains fewer properties than the industry average, so every building gains personalised attention. Along the way, we’re dedicated to building relationships that foster thriving communities and a higher quality of life – adding value to your property in the long run.

Specialists in the strata space

Our strata managers specialise in managing medium to large developments, bringing expertise, experience and guidance that meet and understand your unique strata needs to ensure everything runs smoothly by leveraging our service model.

  • Align strata owners' vision in achieving a well-run building or community
  • A proactive management approach that combines independent onsite management to enhance the lifecycle of your assets
  • Lift contractor productivity and engagement
  • Improve strata records, management, appearance, amenities, and building functionality to help increase an asset’s value

Enhanced transparency in partnerships

Successful relationships don't just happen. Our transparent approach is one of the most essential qualities that lead to building genuine relationships that succeed. We formalise this by:

  • Offering a 'beyond hourly rate or itemised disbursements'
  • Removing the traditional unexpected extra fee variations passed on to your purchasers
  • Refunding our clients any commissions from the second year to ensure we’re aligned with their expectations in getting the best outcomes
  • Offering a unique 20% money back guarantee for new clientele if we fail to meet our KPIs in the first 12 months

In addition, our same-day service and flexible approach ensure timely communication to enable prompt action. It’s no wonder we built our business on referrals.

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