Owner Education Opportunities


Strata living is undoubtedly a very different ownership experience to owning a free-standing house. Navigating strata laws along with the consultation process of co-owning can be daunting, and at times even intimidating.

It makes sense that if you feel confident in your understanding of strata ownership that you will benefit more from the experience. For this reason, Strata Sense is very pleased to be involved with a number of organisations providing quality education opportunities for strata owners.

The City of Sydney have been running Strata 101 since 2013. A series of workshops delivered by content experts and professional facilitators, the workshops focus on specific topics, meaning you can focus on the area of strata you most want to learn about.

The workshops are at no cost, start at 6pm and are available for residents outside the City of Sydney Local Government Area to attend. Marc and Natalie both present at these workshops, and you catch them on the following dates;

Tuesday 28 August 2018 – ‘Strata Levies: A planning essential’ – Natalie

Tuesday 11 September 2018 – ‘Renovation Rules: Repairs and renovation basics’ – Marc

Tuesday 16 October 2018 – ‘By-laws: Roles & responsibilities’ – Natalie

To register for updates about Strata 101 and to attend the events you can visit the City’s dedicated strata website here.

The Owners Corporation Network  also runs regular workshops, both for its members and the general public. Strata Sense have worked with OCN in conjunction with City of Ryde Council to present strata workshops. You can sign up at the OCN website to receive regular updates on events and general industry news.

For those who want to learn on the run, strata lawyer Amanda Farmer publishes a weekly podcast where she discusses all things strata with a large number of strata experts across all aspects of the sector. Natalie is becoming a regular guest on the podcast and was a panelist at the very successful ‘Your Strata Property Live’ event earlier this year. You can listen to Amanda’s podcasts here.

Of course, our Strata Sense team members are always happy to answer your questions and welcome your questions and calls. We’ll continue producing our in-house webinars and would love your feedback on what topics you’d like to us cover.

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