SCA NSW | COVID-19 Complete Guide

The 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a global crisis, affecting the lives of many. Our clients and communities are feeling the strain brought about by the pandemic as we continue in lockdown, causing physical offices to be shut down and employees quarantined at home.  
High-density living has become more complex with COVID-19.  There are plenty of challenges with more Australians working from home and staying indoors 24/7.  For those working or living within Strata, a highly transmissible virus poses a challenge in an industry that thrives on human interaction and connection.  So how can we work and communicate efficiently in the time of quarantines and social distancing?

SCA NSW have developed a fluid and central guide to help keep owners and residents informed during this time of crisis, especially within a strata community.  You can access and download this guide here.

At Strata Sense, we are proud to work with so many loyal clients, so providing support and guidance on how to continue to reside within a healthy and clean environment during this time has been and continues to be a top priority.  If you are alerted to a case of COVID-19 in your building or communityplease let us know.  We will immediately work with the relevant health authorities to obtain the facts and guidance on precautionary steps required to protect the health of all residents.

If you are personally affected by COVID-19 we encourage you to advise our office to enable us to seek ways we can assist you.  We appreciate that these are unsettling times and in line with our company value of putting clients first we want you to know that your safety and well being are our focus.

If you have any questions in relation to the guide or how we may assist if you have been affected we encourage you to get in touch.

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