With Strata Sense you can avoid hidden charges and unexpected expenses. Our straightforward, transparent, and predictable fee structure ensures there are no concealed fees. We also prioritise refunding insurance commissions as an integral component of our fee arrangement. The more inclusive fee is tailored to suit the specific needs of your building.
How we deliver everything you need with a more inclusive strata management fee compared to other strata companies.

Financial administration services

Other (*average cost excluding GST for building with 50 lots) Strata Sense
Admin--Accounting / BAS (Strata Scheme)$250 per BASs x 4 + $220 for tax returns = $1,220Check
Establish investment facility with term deposit (Strata Scheme)Hourly rateCheck
Organise and submit trust account report to NSW Fair Trading (Strata Scheme)Hourly rateCheck
Payment to Creditors (Strata Scheme)Fee per invoiceCheck
Audit - financial preparationHourly rateCheck
Quarterly Reports$150 per quarter


Attend Agreed MeetingsHourly RateCheck
(Up to 2 hours per meeting)
Prepare and Distribute Notices and Minutes of Agreed MeetingsHourly RateCheck
Posting Agreed Meeting Minutes$0.66 per black and white page
$1.00 per colour page
Postage at cost plus 30%
Email Service of Meetings of Agreed Meetings$0.33 per page per address
$990.00 to email AGM notice

Insurance Services

Lodgement of non-routine insurance claimsHourly Rate + Commission Up to 20% of PremiumCheck
(up to 30 mins)
Insurance Valuation - work order and insurance update$41.25 per work orderCheck
Renewal CommunicationsHourly RateCheck
(up to 30 mins)

Administration Services

Providing Minute Book$65 per itemCheck
Contract NegotiationsHourly RateCheck
Renovation ApplicationsHourly RateCheck
Applying Common SealHourly RateCheck
Correspondence on a series of correspondence up to 90 minutesHourly RateCheck
Provide advice on routine matters - up to 90 minutesHourly RateCheck

Compliance items

Lodgement of AFSS (up to 60 minutes of time)Lodgement administration fee + Hourly RateCheck
Lodgement of workcover plant registrationHourly RateCheck
Lodgement of cooling tower detailsHourly RateCheck
Lodgement of pool registration detailsHourly RateCheck
Arranging WH&S ReportWork order fee + hourly rateCheck


Work associated with building inspections and reportsHourly RateCheck

Levy Distribution

Quarterly Levy Distribution$2 per levy notice

Other items

Software fees *$2.00 per lot per month
Electronic Storage$1.30 per lot per year
Telephone ChargesIncluded (normally Local calls 45c + $2.7 per mobile call)Check

*please contact Strata Sense for details of software used.

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