Listening and Responding to Your Needs

We’ve structured our business to be pro-active to ensure we’re always in touch with your Property’s Objectives and community needs.

You can also count on us to return your calls, emails and stay in contact with you to ensure your investment is running at It’s best.

It Makes Sense to Stretch your Dollar

At Strata Sense, we don’t just make every cent count. We’re determined to reduce your expenses (such as property insurances, electricity, water, plumbing costs and more) any way we can.

Any savings is proudly returned to the administration or capital works fund, or through discounts on future levies.

It Makes Sense to Stretch your Dollar

  • We tender out electricity contracts.
  • We pass on insurance rebates.
  • We establish KPI’s for service providers.
  • We by shopping for competitive service providers for your scheme.

Plus, we’ve partnered with leading online technology providers, which allows us to provide online document management and financial portal for the information you need efficiently.

Change the Way You Work

Strata Sense are connecting owners with familiar tools, helping everyone progress ideas into action.

Building and Taking Care of Communities

Listening and understanding to what owners want is just the beginning. We work closely with owners, so together we can set the right plans, budgets and levies to make community living within the development much more fulfilling for everyone.

So whether it’s planting a new garden, building a swimming pool or organizing a community event, at Strata Sense, we’re there every step of the way.

It Makes Sense to Stretch your Dollar

  • We provide owner education.
  • We planning green initiatives.
  • We assist in holding community events.
  • We implement best practice operating systems.

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