What’s the Difference between a Strata Manager & Building Manager?

Here at Strata Sense we are unapologetically doing strata differently. We want to deliver the type of service that transforms strata management from a necessary evil for owners, to an appreciated and positive service product. One of the ways we do this is by being honest about the fact that strata managers do not do repairs and maintenance well. Our solution? Building managers, with eyes and ears onsite to get it right.

Even small buildings can benefit from the services of a part time building manager, and in our experience, save you money. But how do they achieve this and why would a small building need the services of a strata manager and a building manager? We’ll explore this frequently asked question below.

Every building is unique, with its own nuances and quirks. From the simple things like location of the MDF room to the days the bins are collected, through to more complicated elements such as knowing the location and type of pumps and fire equipment.  Understanding the actual physicality of a building and its needs is as much a specialised skill set as maintaining the buildings trust account and assisting to create effective strata committees.

While strata managers enjoy visiting their buildings and understanding the general physical elements, our skills and knowledge are people, compliance and accounting heavy. We can mediate disputes, provide advice on by-laws and assist residents to harness a sense of community in buildings. We’re probably not so great at understanding the unique plumbing structure of each building or what pumps and located in what location. This is where a building manager comes in. A person whose job it is to know the building structure, know how best to solve issues and who can understand the works various trades suggest.  An expert to vet the quotes, offer alternative repair solutions and proactively ensure ALL your buildings assets are being well maintained.

As a strata manager we need to rely on owners being available to meet trades, and on the trade to do the right thing. A building manager negates these elements, providing not only a more convenient service, but a make-sense approach to ensure you’re getting the best out of the trades and the longest life out of your assets. In the end, saving you money.

We want to be able to concentrate on providing you with outstanding strata management. On knowing we can take the time to provide you with the detailed advice you need, the accurate accounts you expect and the quick service you deserve. We can do this by concentrating on what we do best, and allowing the onsite repairs and maintenance to an expert building manager. Ultimately providing you with the best of both worlds.

We’re excited to be able to offer our clients competitive building management rates for part time services as we partner with various building management service providers throughout Sydney. If this dual-approach to strata management makes sense you, please contact us, where we can assist you to tailor a personlised tender for a builder manager while providing you with a quotation for our unique strata management services.

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