Helping you meet your deadlines

At Strata Sense we understand the multifaceted nature of a developer’s job and the business of running a development. So our services are able to compliment the needs of your team and the project at hand to help you reach your goals.

Ensuring a smooth transition from start to finish

To assist you with the set up of your development from construction to the registration of your project, we can help you with:

  • Selecting and organising competitively priced insurances.
  • Coordinating and appointing service providers including, building managers, cleaners and gardeners.
  • Working out the levies for your sales material.
  • Prompt settlement of lots by working closely with your solicitors.

Protecting your reputation

Our experience in learning from other developer’s mistakes means our input can help you see and avoid unnecessary headaches right from the initial stages of your development or from an ongoing management perspective.

Our guidance can also ensure your purchasers enjoy a smooth ownership transistion – an important selling point for your future developments.

Have You Considered the Potential Effects of:

  • Errors in by-laws.
  • Unworkable cost sharing instruments.
  • Management structures and effects on costs and flexibility.
  • Handling of defects.

Pre - DA


Strata Sense

  • Provide input in concept design plans
  • Provide input into requirements for building contract to assist with compliance of Management Act upon completion

DA Approval


Pre-Sales & Marketing Campaign

  • Provide draft shared facility schedule
  • Prepare strata levy estimates
  • Provide input on by-laws and strata management statements
  • Provide input on embedded networks
  • Provide advice on titling structure



Project Completion & Ongoing Management

  • Arrange insurances
  • Set up books and records
  • Issue s184 certificates
  • Facilitate handover to purchasers

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