China desk

Strata Sense has a Dedicated Chinese
Language Service

Strata ownership can be daunting in its own right, Let alone in a second language.

Strata Sense has established its China Desk in response to the need for strata management services of the highest quality in the Chinese-language market.

We act as a conduit between property owners and the owners corporation where there might be a language barrier and provide support in cross language communications.

It is managed by Qing Liu, a Strata Sense team member with over 10 years real estate experience. This experience includes direct involvement in the management of premium buildings in Shanghai.

Qing Liu

Mandarin, Japanese, English

+61 4 8488 9934

Strata Sense 有專門的中文服務平臺


為了滿足中文市場對最高品質的物業管理服務要求,Strata Sense 建立了中文服務平臺。


中文服務平臺由具有10年以上房地產經驗的Strata Sense的團隊成員Qing Liu 負責管理, Qing的經驗包括直接參與上海高端物業專案的管理。

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